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What kind of projects can I be involved in?

We offer a vast range of interesting, various and advanced projects in IT area. The recruitment process is an opportunity to know your competences and professional preferences better in order to give you projects that will mastermind your development.

On the website I have found/I haven’t found an announcement about the area I specialise in. Should I send my CV?

Yes – we are constantly getting new clients and planning new projects. There’s every likelihood that we will be searching for somebody with your skill set and that’s why we do encourage you to share your CV (all you need to do is to send your CV via e-mail to:

What are the possibilities for development?

We support many professional paths. Depending on our employees’ preferences we offer development in programming, architecture, analysing and testing.

What are the perks?

Our benefit package includes medical healthcare Medicover with extra dental package, membership within FitProfit card and financing passed exams.

Do you pay for my training?

We pay for passed exams and we organise in-company trainings for the teams who work on solutions for our Clients.

Do you organise company events?

Yes. We are a team both inside and outside of work. We organise company events for all Nexio employees and sometimes we go out in smaller teams.

What are the types of employment contracts?

We adjust to your needs and we offer employment contracts as follows:
  • Full-Time Permanent Employment Contract
  • B2B
  • Commission/Civil Contract

Can I influence the use of particular technologies within the projects?

In the majority of cases we try to choose technologies together with developers and a Client.

Once a project finishes what the cooperation with Nexio looks like?

As we want the cooperation to keep going, we don’t limit ourselves to one project and we get involved in next projects.

I’m a student. Can I work for Nexio?

Yes. We are open to employ students. Some of our projects enable working part-time.

What’s the way of estimating the salary?

We offer attractive salary estimated on three factors:
  • Your skills
  • Your experience
  • Average market wage on the similar position

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